Toronto, Canada

Toronto Zoo

With more than 5,000 animals on over 700 acres, the Toronto Zoo is Canada’s largest zoo and animal conservation facility. Featuring animal habitats from around the world, the zoo welcomes visitors to learn and enjoy the animals, and contribute to conservation efforts.

The Toronto Zoo is divided into seven geographic regions featuring animals from Indo-Malaya, Africa, Americas, Tundra Trek, Australasia, Eurasia, and the Canadian Domain. Indoor and outdoor exhibits are designed to replicate natural environments.

Animals from Across the Globe

With its variety of natural environments, the zoo is able to exhibit animals from a variety of climate zones, enabling visitors to experience animals from the local to the far-flung. From giant pandas out of China to giraffes, gorillas and lions from the African continent, the zoo strives to bring a breadth of the animal kingdom to the local visitor for education and enjoyment.


While the animal exhibits are the obvious attraction, visitors support the many conservation efforts of the zoo. The zoo participates in captive breeding programs to protect endangered species, research into animal behavior and health, as well as educates the public on the importance of preserving wildlife for future generations.

The Younger Set

A special Kids Zoo with a Splash Park offers a fun, safe environment for children to learn while they play. Amid the splash pads and water slides, kids are exposed to and educated about the lives and environments of aquatic animals as well as those that depend on the water environment for their survival.