‘At The Top’ of the World’s Tallest Building, Burj Khalifa, Dubai

An iconic landmark in the heart of Downtown Dubai, the Burj Khalifa is a must-see destination for all visitors.

Standing as the world’s tallest building and the tallest, free-standing structure anywhere on earth, visitors opting for Burj Khalifa’s ‘At The Top SKY’ experience gives visitors access to gorgeous views from incredible outdoor observatory decks.

‘At The Top Sky’ Experience

Visitors opting for the full package experience are first ascended up via elevator to Levels 124 and 125 of the building, where they can access the spectacular, panoramic 360-degree views of Dubai and the Persian Gulf. Here, they can also experience the uniquely designed ‘Falcon’s Eye View’ telescopes that show Dubai at every stage of its history.

For the complete experience, visitors can then take the elevator up further to the world’s highest observation deck, towering on Level 148, at 555 metres high. This floor also hosts luxurious lounges and interactive, life-size screens portraying the Emirates’ different landscapes and destinations.

A visit to the Burj Khalifa allows visitors a creative and luxurious slice into Dubai’s history and culture.