Tintagel Castle

Travelers to this rustic seaside castle can visit the legendary home of King Arthur.

A Legendary Castle

Richard, Earl of Cornwall built a castle at Tintagel in 1233, but even then the site was legendary. Tintagel is said to be the birthplace of King Arthur. With its steep steps and stone walls, Tintagel does seem to come straight from a fairy tale.

History and Nature

Situated on the edge of a rocky peninsula, the castle ruins are directly above the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors can view an exhibition on the site’s history that features real artifacts found there. Along with the fortress itself, there are also the remains of a Dark Age settlement.

Below Tintagel, tourists will find a lovely beach with many picturesque rock pools. They can even explore Merlin’s Cave when the tide is out. Wildlife abounds in this area–there are plenty of birds, and sharp-eyed visitors sometimes spot seals! When hunger strikes, the Beach Cafe offers local specialties for lunch.

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