Times Square

Times Square pulsates with energy nearly every moment. Life is everywhere you look. The hustle and bustle of the city meet at this crossroads bringing together the world’s people. Many pass through using the city’s transportation; others take to the sidewalk to stroll among friends and strangers. Gathering in Times Square for New Year’s Eve is a national tradition. Broadcasts of the countdown enter homes across the United States and abroad. The vibrant everyday life is accentuated by the lights that line the area famous for its entertainment.

Get to know the area rich in history, entertainment, and diversity. Broadway theaters thrill tourists and locals!  The lights turn up the excitement at night.  Theater marquees and glowing advertisements create tremendous energy.  Everywhere you look, people are coming and going – some to work and some off to play.  Lovers find romantic photo opportunities.  Costumed characters pose with passersby – a favorite of the children!  Explore the area on your own or take a guided tour.

Times Square was named after the building Times Tower which had been the headquarters of the newspaper The New York Times until 1935.  Following hard times of depression and war, Times Square fell into decadence.  Into the 1970s Times Square became notorious due to the pornography industry thriving there.  Through the city’s persistent efforts and several Broadway show hits, Times Square is beloved by families again.

Visit http://walkinbroadway.com for information about the Broadway Walking Tour. Led by Walkin’ Broadway tour guides, visitors learn about the theater district including its history, architecture, and music.  Headsets are provided so you can hear stars tell stories about the places you see; you will also hear famous music from Broadway shows too.  Tours begin at 239 W 49th Street at The Actors’ Chapel on the grounds of St. Malachy’s.  Reserve your tour online or at (212) 997-5004.  Although you will not go inside any of the thirty points of interest along the way, you will learn a great deal about what you may want to explore at a later time.

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