London, England


Take food to go or dine in Tibits. Either way, the fare is fresh and fantastic - and it’s international cuisine at its best.

World-Inspired Entrees, Sides, Desserts, and Drinks

Tibits food is delicious, fresh, and easy going. It’s fare that can be dined on quickly or lingered over, and it’s international cuisine inspired by many places in the world like India, America, France, and the Mediterranean. At Tibits, diners choose from more than 40 homemade meals, including soups, salads, hummus plates, tikka masala, and even desserts. There are fresh-pressed juices at Tibits and some coffees and teas.

Pay By Weight Dining

Enjoy croissants, pancakes, muesli, Italian fusilli salad, baked potatoes, chia puddings, cheesecakes, and more at Tibits. Guests pay by the weight, so the cost of a meal depends on the amount of food taken. Tibits is a perfect spot for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s also a great place for a late-night drink or to-go fare. There’s

so much to enjoy about Tibits, including buffet-style dining that offers food as amazing as any high-end sit-down London restaurant.

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