Ho Chi Minh City

Things Cafe

A funky Ho Chi Minh City cafe that doesn’t sacrifice flavor for style.

Coffee Central

Vietnam is famous for its strong, sweet coffee. Consequently, there are thousands of cafes in Ho Chi Minh City alone–several on each block. For visitors to the country, it may be difficult to decide which of the many cafes to choose. Travelers will want a comfortable place to relax, but delicious, authentic coffee as well. Things Cafe fulfills both requirements.

Hole in the Wall

A run-down apartment building houses Things Cafe, but visitors shouldn’t let appearances deter them. Inside the cafe, guests will find antique furniture, used books, and a lovely tile floor. Local artwork and inspirational quotes accent the Bohemian space. It’s thoroughly cozy.

The coffee is good and strong, and unlike many other Vietnamese cafes, Things Cafe serves its coffee in large mugs. What’s more, that same run-down apartment building is also home to several other small, independent cafes, each with their own unique personality. If one gets tired of lounging at Things, one can simply move on to the next shop and the next cup of joe.