Thelonious Jazz Club

A whimsical jazz club born from the mind of a poet.

Appearances can be deceiving…

From the outside, Thelonious Jazz Club doesn’t look like much. It’s an old, seedy building, low to the ground. Only its bright green exterior hints at the musical fantasia going on inside, the hot jazz that pumps from the trumpets, and skips off the cymbals.

Poetry and Jazz: A Winning Combination

The poet Erwin Diaz founded Thelonious Jazz Club, and his literary influence can be found all around the building. Well-thumbed volumes of poetry line the walls. The musicians cram into the intimate space, play their loud songs against the backdrop of bright red walls.

The cafe does have a menu consisting of simple foods: small plates and sandwiches. There are plenty of alcoholic drinks, of course, along with various coffee beverages. There are concerts every week–sometimes even multiple concerts per day! Check the calendar for details.

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