Tuscany, Italy

The Walls of Lucca

Ancient battlements surround the town of Lucca, providing a walking or cycling trail unlike any other.

Walk an ancient trail

You could be excused for feeling a bit like a Roman soldier walking along the Walls of Lucca. Take in the sight of the city below and the surrounding countryside at a leisurely stroll, or rent a bicycle nearby and cycle it instead. The original walls were built in the second century AD, but later completely replaced during the Renaissance as the city expanded. They now total about 4km, which is a challenging but manageable walk or an easy bike ride.

Explore the historic township

Lucca has charms aside from the walls, with plenty to do if you decide to spend the day there. Visit a café and bask in the sun for a bit before taking on the walk around the walls just before sunset for a truly magical experience. Despite the extensive walls, Lucca has never been under siege and was allowed to develop peacefully even when the rest of the country was in turmoil. This gives the whole place a serene, peaceful quality, perfect for getting away from it all.

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