The Wall Street Experience

What is now a busy financial market is rich in history. Choose between a tour for a general audience or a tour for adults interested in the intensity of a financial crisis. Tours are guided by storytellers, many with their own first-hand experiences within Wall Street. Visitors who have a knowledge of finance or current events may enjoy The Wall Street Experience more than those who do not have this kind of background knowledge.

The Wall Street Experience takes visitors on a walking tour to learn about the history of the area. Learn about its early days as a Dutch trading outpost and how it evolved into epicenter of the New York Stock Exchange.  Tours commence at 15 Broad Street, and you will be guided through an area featured in international and national documentaries and news clips.  If you’ve seen the special features on the DVD of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps, then you will probably recognize points of interest.

The best part about The Wall Street Experience is the expert guides who lead the tours. They are storytellers who range in personal experience with Wall Street; many are former insiders.  They are enthusiastic and interesting.  For those with little to no background in finance, choose the Wall Street Insider Tour.  The guides are able to break down the information so that it’s not too in depth for a general audience.  (However, if you are interested in the world of finance, consider the Financial Crisis tour which is a more intense experience.)  All tours are given in English.

Arrive ten minutes before the tour begins; be aware that late arrivals will not be able to catch up to a tour already in progress, but there is no additional charge to reschedule if you are late. Since you will be outside and walking several blocks, dress for the weather.  Tours are rarely canceled.  No planned bathroom breaks will be made on tours, so be prepared before the tour departs.  Buy your tickets on-line or by phone.  They cost $35 per person, but children under the age of 15 are free with a parent.  Tours begin at 1:30 pm and last about 75 minutes.  Reserve your spot for Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, or Friday.  You won’t need to have a ticket; the guide will have you check in before starting the tour.  The tour ends near the intersection of Liberty Street and Nassau Street.  See the website at or call 212-608-0130.

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