Tuscany, Italy

The Tarot Garden

This more recent, whimsical addition to the Tuscan landscape has quickly become one of its best features.

Something a little bit different

Away from the ancient churches and vineyards Tuscany is famous for lies this unusual gem, the Tarot Garden. Designed and built by Niki de Saint de Phalle, this charming botanical garden is home to twenty-two sculptures, each one depicting a symbol from the Major Arcana of the tarot deck. For anyone with an interest in esoterica or modern sculpture, this is one tourist attraction not to be missed.

Go on a magical journey in natural surrounds

The garden itself is part planned, part wild, and an excellent place for a leisurely afternoon or evening stroll, taking in each of the sculptures in turn. The sculptures themselves have a life of their own, each one covered in bright tiles and sparkling mirrors, capturing and reflecting the Tuscan sun.

The Tarot Garden is only open during the warmer months in Italy–April to October–but if your visit happens to coincide with those dates, it’s well worth making the journey for this unique experience.