The Skadarska Street

The Skadarska Street is a bohemian center of Belgrade, where delicious cuisine and pleasant ambiance are the matter of fact.

The Skadarska Street, named after Serbian medieval town Skadar (which is today in Albania), is a true bohemian heart of Belgrade. Just like Paris’s Montmartre, it was where Serbian poets, actors and other artists used to live and relax after challenging performances. Since the performers had never eaten before the performance due to a stage fright, a bunch of restaurants and cafes had sprouted to accommodate so many people, which made it a center of nightlife a century ago.

The Skadarska Street retained much of its late 19th century appearance and complete charm. The cobbled stone street is stuffed with period restaurants and occasional art galleries and hotels. In the restaurants, which are the Skadarska Street’s hallmark, you can enjoy an authentic cuisine and live ethnic music in an especially cozy ambience. Take care, although, not to drink too much because in such a condition you might have difficulties to make it out of the cobbled street during the night.

In the Skadarska Street a monument to Djura Jaksic, a celebrated Serbian poet, painter and storyteller, marks a house where he used to live. Such a monument, representing him in a sitting stance, is among most significant monuments in Belgrade.

Photos from The Skadarska Street

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