London, England

The Shard

The Shard, an imposing glass and steel structure, is the tallest building in all of United Kingdom and is popular with tourists as the highest vantage point in London.

Rising from the heart of London

The 95-storey Shard was designed by Renzo Piano who was inspired by the several church steeples that dotted the London’s skyline in historic engravings. This slender pyramid stands 309.6 meters tall and is the fourth tallest building in Europe. The building employs 11,000 panes of glass, each delicately angled upwards so as to reflect the changing skies above the city.

View from the Shard

While the Shard is famed for the spectacular views it offers at each of its floors, it is hugely popular for the View from the Shard, a ticketed public viewing gallery on the 72nd floor at 802 feet above ground. The Shard is also home to several offices and residences, besides the Shangri La Hotel (34th to 52nd floor) and bars and restaurants on the 31st to the 33rd floors. A Retail Arcade on the first and second floors features Three Wheels Coffee, Hawes and Curtis (clothing and accessories) as well as Marley’s, makers of luxury cupcakes.

The Shard is one of those places that beg a visit simply because of its fame. Naturally, the views will leave you spell-bound.

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