The Roman Forum

The Forum was a bustling city center with government buildings, temples to the gods, entertainment centers, markets, celebrations, and military processions.

Located in the heart of modern Rome, the ancient Roman Forum gives visitors a glimpse of the city when it was the center of the western world. Here, ancient Roman culture was most alive as the city grew to be an international power.

The Ruins

Visitors can walk amongst the marble fragments of these once grandiose temples and sculptures, all thousands of years old, and imagine everyday life in ancient Rome. One could imagine the lives of the Vestal Virgins living in the Temple of Vesta, the Roman parades marching through the Arch of Septimius Severus, or the trials held in the basilicas that would perhaps lead prisoners up the Gemonian Steps, the “Steps of Mourning,” to be executed. Not only is the Forum an educational and beautiful space, but it also offers a way for visitors to connect to the inhabitants of ancient Rome.

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