The Republic Square

The main Serbian capital's square is where you can attend cultural events, relax in gardens of several bars and catch a link to other destinations in Belgrade.

The Republic Square is the main square in Belgrade, next to the Knez Mihailova Street. It’s also a main gathering point of the Belgraders, which is quite obvious once you happen to be at the square. At the Republic Square you can find the Serbian National Theatre and National Museum, as well as a few café bars and stores.

Theatrical performances of the National Theatre encompass drama, opera and ballet, which are performed on two stages. In National Theatre you can attend worldwide famous performances, such as Barber of Seville and Karmen.

Currently under reconstruction (until summer of 2016), the National Museum is the oldest such facility in Serbia. It features several departments, among which are sections of archeology, the Middle Ages, recent art and numismatics. Among the museum’s greatest showpieces are golden masks from Trebeniste (the 6th century B.C.), the oldest Cyrillic manuscript – Miroslav’s Gospel, originated in the 12th century, medieval icons and King Radoslav’s money. Gallery of frescoes and the museum devoted to the Serbian celebrated painter Nadezda Petrovic are within the National Museum complex.

The monument in front of the National Museum honors Knez Mihajlo (Duke Michael), who reigned Serbia twice. His diplomatic maneuvers resulted in removal of the remaining Turkish garrisons and forces from Serbia in 1867. The Turks ruled Serbia several centuries until then.

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