Hong Kong

The Peak Tower

Some call it ‘wok-shaped’ and others ‘boat-shaped’ but no matter how you tag it, the distinctive Peak Tower has come to stand as an icon of Hong Kong’s bold architectural feats. Welcome to Hong Kong’s premier shopping destination and tourist attraction.

Scenic vistas

Built on the scenic Victoria Mountain, the Peak Tower was designed by British architect, Terry Farrell and opened in 1997. It comprises eight floors of luxury shopping and dining including a spectacular viewing terrace at the top of the building.

Shopping, dining and attractions

The Peak Tower offers you a choice of shopping from traditional Chinese products to fashion wear and antiques to electronics. You might like to pick up a range of Chinese artwork and curios as souvenirs. There are also several fine dining and casual restaurants at the Tower.

Right at the top of the building is the Sky Terrace 428, the number denoting the platform’s height in meters above sea level. This open viewing terrace offers fantastic views of the Hong Kong skyline, the Victoria Harbor and the outlying islands. On the ground floor is the much famed Madame Tussauds.

The Peak Tower is a great destination to club with your visit to the Peak. Even if you’re not keen on shopping, the views are simply worth every minute you spend there.