The Old Mill

It’s not every day that you get to walk into a 900 year old building, but the Old Mill, a genuine flour mill from centuries past, is still standing strong after all the time.

A Glimpse of the Past

It probably was not a popular place during its heydays; however, the Old Mill is now a classic tourist attraction. Thanks to its old worldly charm, the scenic sights around and the various activities that can make up a leisurely day here.

The Old Mill is located alongside the River Eye where visitors can enjoy a stroll or enter the Museum that chronicles the history and the working of the mill as it contributed to bread making in the area. The milling machine, which is one of the highlights at the museum, is still there for visitors to see.

Gift Shop, Café and Ice Cream

The gift shop here is renowned for its unique array of gifts at great prices. You can expect to pick up leather luggage and suitcases, Cotswold garden stoneware, oil paintings, furniture pieces, coal scuttles, brassware, hand creams, local pottery, sheepskin rug and staddle stones and more. A homely café and an organic ice cream parlour provide a place to enjoy local flavours and cuisine.

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