The National Theater

Hungary has been dedicated to the idea of a National Theater since 1837. Over the decades, the location has changed--and caused controversy--until today a beautiful building and sculpture park is home.

Dedication to an Idea

The Hungarian Parliament first authorized the construction of a national theater in 1837 to present works of world classics to the general public as well as promote Hungarian original works. The original building was demolished in 1900, leaving the theater in move from one location to another for decades. Finally in 2000, construction began on a permanent home for the theater, which opened to the public in 2002.

Grand Works and Location

The National Theater enjoys a spot on the Danube, south of the city center. True to its mission, it presents theatrical works of world classics as well as those inspired by Hungarian literature. A sculpture park surrounds the theater, with outdoor works inspired by theatrical history, as well as a maze, a ziggurat, and a dramatic carved gate entrance to the grounds.