The Lime Cay

A small get a way place to relax and experience nature. This is what the Lime Cay represents, relaxation. It is a small Island near to Port Royal that is used for Beach expenditures.

The Lime Cay is one of the best adventures you will have. It is a place where you can take your family and friends and enjoy private fun. It is a great boat trip from Port Royal. There, you can have family cookouts and picnics at your own comfort.

It is the biggest Islet of all the royal Cays of Port Royal making it the best for recreation and tanning. The boat rides cost $15 US per person during the week and $10 US on weekends. It takes about fifteen minute to travel to the island. It is best to bring your own food because there are no shops available.

It is a good place for camping if you are into the nature stuff.  If you are lucky, you will see dolphins and other amazing sea creatures during your boat ride. The Lime Cay is a white sand beach with crystal clear waters. Put this on your bucket list because its an experience you will want to share.