The Library Hotel

A book lover's dream, the Library Hotel combines reading and relaxing in a single environment. With over 6,000 books on the premises, guests are sure to find something to read as they slip off to sleep.

Books and Beds

The Library Hotel finds its inspiration from the classic Dewey Decimal library system. Rooms are divided by topic category and filled with books in the topic. Guestrooms are cozy and warm. Curl up in a reading nook or tuck in bed for a few quick chapters before sleeping. The Reading Room on the second floor is a 24-hour library for guests.

Relaxed Dining, Literary Lounging

The Madison & Vine Restaurant serves up breakfast, lunch, and dinner–and brunch on Sunday. Have a little prosecco in the lobby for a daily complimentary wine and cheese social. The Bookmark Lounge on the rooftop is perfect for literary-inspired cocktails amid the greenery in a sleek, tavern-like lounge.