The Highgrove Shop

An exclusive store that stocks a wide range of products from local produce to stationery, clothing, accessories, china and jewellery.

Extensive Collection for Charity

The exclusive Highgove Estate Shop is a high-end store that sells an extensive collection of items, from home and garden, food and drinks, bath and body, stationery and arts, books, games and media, to clothing, accessories and jewellery.

All profits made by the Highgrove Shop are donated to the Prince of Wales’s Charitable Foundation.

Exclusive Collections

Most visitors frequent the Highgrove Store for its fascinating array of exquisite and limited edition collections. Notable ones include commemorative china celebrating the Queen’s 90th birthday, Bee Collection, the Prince of Wales Watercolour Collection, the Hare Collection and the rare Royal Collection. Besides china, there is a collection of willow sculptures and a colourful series that captures scenic impressions of the Highgrove Gardens.


Stay at home!

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