London, England

The Goring

The Goring is a gem of a hotel, strategically situated within a 10-minute walk from Buckingham Palace. This historic, luxury hotel has seen several notable guests including members of the British monarchy.

Illustrious history

The Goring was launched by Otto Richard Goring in 1910 and continues to be family-run to traditional values of personalized hospitality. The hotel was always intended as a luxury hotel since its inception and was among the first few in the world to introduce en suite facilities as well as central heating. The hotel is built around an immaculately manicured garden that enhances its English charm and sets the ambience for a relaxed stay. The rooms feature the famed Gainsborough silks and marble clad bathrooms.

Luxurious environs and amenities

The hotel boasts an award winning Afternoon Tea that is served at the gardens as well as the Lounge Bar. The Michelin-starred Dining Room is helmed by Shay Cooper who is known for his inventive use of local produce. This family friendly hotel also offers complimentary breakfast and exceptional room service.

The hotel is revered for its fine personal service and elegant character although it’s not short of classic British wit. You’ll know it when you see the Goring’s Front Hall.