The Giddy House

Once a royal Artillery house at Fort Charles, the Giddy House is now an educational tourist attraction located in Port Royal Jamaica.It was built in 1888.

The Giddy House

The giddy house stored weapons in the 1800’s for the neighboring Victoria and Albert battery. It was built by the British to aid in the battles that came upon them. Port Royal was considered the richest and wickedest was destroyed by a massive earthquake in 1692.

It is believed that only one man survived and he was spewed from under the sea. Port Royal was the home and residence of many pirates because Jamaica was known for its gold, folklore and rum. The Artillery house wasn’t destroyed. It was tilted on the side as if it is sinking. The building got its name because many visitors have reported that when they go inside the Giddy house, they feel a sensation of dizziness.

It is free to observe and experience the historic adventure. After the end of that tour, there are multiple restaurants you can choose from like Gloria’s Restaurant where you can get the best seafood. Add the Giddy House to your trip this summer and bring the kids along.