London, England

The Gate Islington

Dine at The Gate Islington to eat inspired food from the owners’ Iraqi and Jewish cultures.

Hearty Home Cooked Favorites

The Gate opened in December of 1989, and since its first day, it has offered an eclectic array of food that reflects the cultural backgrounds of the owners. Diverse, but skewed toward Arabic and Jewish cuisines, The Gate’s menu is often referred to as Indo-Iraqi Jewish and it’s what the restaurant owners’ grandmothers might have prepared in their kitchens. The meals served at The Gate are reminiscent of Arabic and Jewish childhood favorites, but they have an adult upgrade to them with some Italian and French influences.

A Celebration of Intense Aromas and Amazing Flavors

At The Gate, diners celebrate food. They’re surrounded by intense aromas and they savor delicious flavors, which lends to an “occasion” sort of feel during every meal. Everything is carefully prepared at The Gate, and ingredients are often put together in surprising ways to delight the eyes, nose, and taste buds. The Gate is innovative and inventive, and it’s a great space to enjoy a delightful food in an open and beautiful high-ceilinged dining room.