San Francisco, USA

The Exploratorium

The Exploratorium is a unique science and arts center that offers learning experiences in innovative ways. For adults and children, educators and the curious, it is a fun and stimulating place for the mind.

The Exploratorium brings together art and science in unique learning experiences. It invites visitors to interact with the exhibits, learn at their own pace, and spark new ideas and ways of thinking and learning.

The Exhibits

With over 600 exhibits, the Exploratorium is sure to have an area of interest for everyone. The human body, outer space, perception, light and an array of scientific principles are demonstrated, experienced, and discovered. So many possibilities to play, learn, and experiment keep visitors of all ages occupied and mesmerized for hours.

The Mission

The Exploratorium’s goal it to find new ways of learning, integrating art and experience into the educational process, and trying news ways of doing…well, everything. It shares its discoveries with learning centers around the globe, provides training for educators, and reaches out to the general public to spark a love of science. Visitors can proceed at their own pace, are encouraged to interact with the exhibits, and have a great time while doing so.

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