The Edinburgh Dungeon

Take a trip into Edinburgh's murky past - the Edinburgh Dungeon is a fabulous, yet sinister journey - an excellent attraction is filled with live theatrical, interactive experiences including 11 live shows and 80 minutes of history, laughter and lots of screaming!

You will be captivated by the 360 degree sets telling gripping tales of Edinburgh’s murky past, using state of the art special effects, theatre and art. There are two terrifying underground rides for you to enjoy as they plunge you deep into the depths of the city.

Interactive shows are a big part of this experience. Find yourself in the courtroom, where the judge and crowd put you on trial for such crimes as witchcraft, being a cross-dresser or even having a mono brow! It gets a little quirky and its lots of fun for everyone. The judge is always eager to return to the pub, so don’t expect a fair trial!

In another area of the dungeons find yourself targeted by Burke and Hare, Edinburgh’s infamous body snatchers. They want your body to donate to the medical profession – the question is will they capture you in the Edinburgh Dungeon? You will have to visit to find out more…