The Cellar Grill, Omotesando

A short walk from Omotesano station​ and 10 meters off the main St takes you to this fabulous basement restaurant wine bar.

The Cellar Grill, Tokyo

The food and atmosphere at The Cellar Grill is fabulous. I started with the chicken liver pate followed by baked avocado & BBQ sausages, my friend Hamish went for the oysters followed by a rare steak. Everything was perfect. From their huge wine selection we chose a very smooth Californian Red to enjoy with a nice cheese selection.

We walked 20 minutes from the hotel Granbell in Shibuya to get here and had no problem finding this hidden gem.

I strongly urge you to book at weekends and even other times to guarantee a seat.

Wines are great value at retail prices and you choose from a walk in wine cellar. The girl at the grill is quite amazing, so cool under pressure.

Here are some of the creations. Avocado has always been one of my favourites, but until now I have never really eaten it cooked. At the Cellar it was cooked on the Grill and served with soy sauce and salt, WOW, what an incredible taste!!

Prices here are very reasonable for high quality ​food & wine. There is a smoking section which is perhaps the only thing I dislike about Japan. The Japanese people are so particular with their food quality and the cleanliness of their cities, trains, roads & taxis borders on obsession, yet they allow smoking in most restaurants. Otherwise everything else in the country is perfect!

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