Tharabar Gate

Bagan is packed to the rafters with temples, palace ruins and archaeological sites, however, one of the most visited places in all of town is Tharabar Gate; the Ancient Wall of Bagan City. Despite these historic ruins dating right back to 849AD they’ve been immaculately preserved and offer an insight into Bagan from a time gone by.

Gate History

The Ancient Wall of Bagan City sits on an ancient palace site and was built by King Pyinbya. Out of 12 original arched gates, only one is still standing, held up by stone walls that boast their original stucco carvings. The entrance gate is said to be guarded by spiritual beings and many visits to experience the senses of the afterlife!

Getting Here

The ancient temple sits northeast of Pitakak Taik, close to Ananda Temple in northern Bagan’s Old Town. Getting here is easy from the centre of town as it’s just a 20-minute walk from the Archaeological Museum on the river or just a 10-minute e-bike ride. Alternatively, those who prefer to escape the midday heat could arrive by taxi.

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