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Thames River

“Ne’er saw I, never felt a calm so deep, The River glideth at his own sweet will:” When William Wordsworth penned these poignant lines about the mighty Thames in 1802, he was overwhelmed by the grand spectacle of nature that this river provided. The lines also affirm the great role the river played in shaping the life and times of the city of London around ‘his own sweet will.”

The Thames River has not only influenced the ancient history of London as life revolved around bustling trade on the river but also helped define the city’s present contours as well as its identity. Little wonder then, that millions of visitors choose to enjoy a whole new perspective on the city through the Thames.

You can choose to enjoy the beauty of Thames by walking on its bridges or along the banks of the river in the golden glow of a sunset. Or you can cruise down the river on a boat or enjoy a refreshing view of the Thames from the air.

Walking down the Thames

The Thames has several scenic bridges that you can stroll on like the Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Westminster Bridge and the Millennium Footbridge.  If you’d rather walk along the banks, there are several walkways in the city especially the Queen’s Walk which hugs the river banks along many popular attractions like the London Eye.

Cruise down the Thames

A cruise down the river is undoubtedly, one of the best ways to enjoy the Thames. There are several boat operators who offer you a variety of cruises on the river. You can choose to take in the sights of London with a sight-seeing cruise or you can opt to make the moments last with a lunch or dinner cruise. Some of them even pay tribute to a classic English tradition with an Afternoon Tea cruise.

View Thames from the Air

Most tourists will be delighted by London’s first and only cable car, the Air Line. The 1-km. trip across the Thames from Greenwich Peninsula to the Royal Victoria dock takes about ten minutes and allows you to enjoy spectacular views of London.

Anyone who visits London pays homage to the Thames with a visit because it not only flows through the physical center of the city but also through its spiritual heart.

Photos from Thames River

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