Téreze is an upmarket dining choice which puts a Brazilian twist on modern cuisine.

Fine dining at its most comfortable

Located inside the Hotel Santa Teresa, Téreze is one of Santa Teresa’s best fine dining experiences–though since this is Rio, fine dining means a comfortably casual, tropical affair that has all the flavour of the city beyond. Start with pre-dinner drinks on the terrace, surrounded by palm trees and with a view down to Guanabara Bay, with the city sprawling below in all its vibrant glory.

Make the most of the menu

Téreze’s menu is diverse, but highly accessible to the non-local palette. The thing this restaurant does best is arguably offering a taste of local cuisine which remains familiar enough not to be intimidating, a fusion of Brazilian flare and standard fine-dining staples that won’t leave you lost and confused. The portions are intentionally small, so you may choose to have a light meal, or sample a lot of the range, depending on how much of an appetite you’ve worked up exploring the city.