Tenement Museum

When working-class immigrants came to New York City, many found themselves living in cramped conditions. Visit the Tenement Museum to experience what life was like for such immigrants in the Lower East Side neighborhood where the museum is located.

In 1863, the building at 103 Orchard Street in New York City was constructed. It became home to about 7,000 immigrants over the years.  The Tenement Museum endeavors to both preserve and interpret the history of immigration.  The four floors of the building give insight into the lives of those who once lived and worked here during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Plan ahead for your visit so you know which of the Tenement Museum’s tours interest you the most. Some tours focus on what life was like in the shops that were part of the building.  See the working conditions of the sweatshops and learn about the trials individuals faced to make ends meet during times of economic crisis.  In addition to seeing how residents lived, you may want to sample the flavor of the Lower East Side on the Tastings at the Tenement tour.  Visit the website for more details about individual tours.  Along with recommended ages for tours, the information provided in the tour descriptions will also show you the number of steps one will be required to climb if a tour is located on a floor in the building’s upper level.

The length of the Tenement Museum’s tours varies. While the average tours last between 60 and 90 minutes, some last up to two hours.  The cost of a tour is $25 for adults and $20 for both students and those 65 and older.  Add $20 to the price of a ticket for the Foods of Lower East Side tour.  Be sure to check the website to find out ways to save when you purchase tickets for multiple tours.