Tea Connection

Tea Connection is a renowned tea house and delicatessen that serves wonderful herbal tea and natural food.

A Place to Chill

If you just feel the need for an exotic cuppa, Tea Connection is the ideal spot. While they offer a warm indoor restaurant, it’s the terrace that most vie for. Its bold black-and-white chequered floors, overflowing shrubbery with vines that climb up the walls, makes it an oasis in the city.

Healthy, Wholesome Food

From breakfast to dinner and any time in between, Tea Connection offers a healthy option for dining. They serve a range of wholesome foods from salads to sandwiches and wraps. Their extensive a la carte menu offers soups, bagels, pastries, crepes and desserts. Besides a variety of soothing herbal teas, they also serve juices and coffee.

Some of their recommended treats are Wonder Chai, Rainbow Salad, super-moist Carrot Cake, Salmon Club Sandwiches and melt-in-your-mouth Key Lime Pie.

Stay at home!

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