London, England

Tate Modern

Tate Modern is the national museum of contemporary art featuring paintings and installations that span a century’s worth of art dating all the way back to 1900. Yes, that also includes masterpieces from Cezanne, Picasso, Dali and Warhol.

Bringing the best of art to London

Tate Modern was founded in 2000 in the erstwhile premises of Bankside Power Station. Its industrial façade was maintained including the iconic chimney; however, the interiors were transformed radically as a commendable showcase for art. The permanent galleries on Levels 0 to 4 comprise a wide range of themes. Material Worlds embraces the innovative use of various materials to elevate human expression while Citizens and States represent works by artists who reflect society and its ideals. Media Networks explores the impact of media and digital technology with remarkable fixtures like the towering Babel by Cildo Meireles.

Dining and Shopping

Tate Modern offers warm, friendly dining and snacking options. The Kitchen and Bar on Level 6 is renowned for its spectacular views of the London skyline. The Café on Level 1 and the Espresso Bar on Level 3 offer you a choice of light snacks and beverages. You can also buy a range of books, souvenirs and gifts from the shops on Levels 0 through 3.

Handy tip

  • While access to the permanent collection is free, some of the temporary exhibitions may require admission fees.

Photos from Tate Modern

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