Tastee Patty is a restaurant that aims to make the best quality food for their customers. They are original at what they do. So you will not find a duplicate. They have various foods to choose from.

Tastee is a very engaging community fast food company. They aim to help people to be better. They have talented chefs because their jerk chicken is just amazing. They are one of three popular Patty companies in Jamaica. They have the right mix to make you want to have, not one, but up to three of their special Patty.  They are located island-wide and they never disappoint.

Tastee Patty has been around from 1966 and up to this day they haven’t lost their touch in giving Jamaicans the ideal “belly-full”. Tastee is a family friendly fast food restaurant that is able to serve you breakfast, lunch and dinner under one roof. They have many promotions and combos you can choose from.

Make it your duty to stop at Tastee Patty Jamaica today.  There food is sold at reasonable prices and they are ready to serve you. The waitresses are very friendly and will assist you in ordering.