Tasca Da Esquina

It’s Tasca Da Esquina’s Avante-Garde kitchen that sets it apart from every other Portuguese tapas restaurant in the city, here you’ll find head chefs Vitor Sobral and Hugo Nascimento pairing up to form a gastronomic double team cooking up traditional seafood storms with minor twists.

On the Inside

The atmosphere here is laid back, welcoming and warm. The chefs want you to feel as at home here as you do in your own abode and simply want to share their new dishes with you. The chefs here work tirelessly to come up with new recipes, pairings and flavours every day to keep you on your toes. At the end of the day though, Tasca Da Esquina is a simple, café-style restaurant.

What to Order

The menu always features a soup of the day alongside a dish of the day and customers can choose between the a la carte style menu and the tasting menus which feature 3, 4, 5, 6 and seven portions plus dessert. Popular dishes include octopus served with roasted tomatoes and cabbage, tuna steak and cockles with lemon.