Takazawa is a truly haute cuisine destination with its fabulous fusion style where classic Western dishes are served with a distinctively Japanese flair.

Fusion at its exclusive best

Takazawa is a brainchild of legendary chef, Yoshikai Takazawa who launched the classy, exclusive restaurant in 2005. Originally named as Aronia de Takazawa, it seated only eight diners in two tables. A recent makeover saw  the name trimmed and the seats expanded to ten.

Dramatic experience

The reason for the tiny restaurant is that Chef Takazawa himself prepares and presents each of his courses. He takes diners on a sublime journey as he works with speed, precision and finesse behind his gleaming counter. He employs a wide variety of ingredients such as uni (sea urchin), snapping turtle, barnacles, and clams as his vocabulary to create masterpieces that leave diners speechless. His courses are named imaginatively too – Sea, Salt or Takazawa Gold.

When a restaurant has the reputation of being the hardest to get a table at, you know dining has become an art form which is just what Takazawa is all about.