Toronto, Canada

Tahkt-e Tavoos

Treat yourself to the Persian delights for breakfast and lunch at Tahkt-e Tavoos for homestyle Iranian dishes.

Tahkt-e Tavoos serves up the unique flavors of Iran right in downtown Toronto. Open for breakfast and lunch, the menu features regional dishes from across Iran, like paneer boroshteh, haleem, and dizi sangi.

Something Different

Eggs dishes are a wonderful melange of cheeses and vegetables, nigella seeds or olives. Try the dizi sangi–a delicious lamb stew with potatoes and beans simmering up to four hours in unique spices. The classic baklava is on the menu–as well as saffron pudding. And despite its popularity and excellence, the prices are more than affordable.

Warm and Inviting

The restaurant is decorated with the jewel tones of the Middle East in with blues, greens, and purples set against bronze and gold. In another nod to authenticity, there are two rug seating areas as well as beautiful tiles and ceramics with nature motifs.