Tacacá do Norte

Enjoy a truly authentic taste of Brazil at this humble snack bar with a uniquely local menu.

Real Brazilian street food

Tacacá do Norte is a snack bar opposite Flamengo beach that isn’t to be missed for the serious foodie, offering a range of options that are as local as they get. You might have to squeeze your way past scores of devoted regulars to get to the counter, but the effort is more than worth the experience–this is street food, Rio style, in a way that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. This is Rio at its most authentic, this is where locals come for midday snacks, in droves.

Delicacies from the Amazon

Non-locals may find the signature dish on the menu–a tangy soup with an ingredient that numbs the mouth–a little intimidating, but it’s a magnificently unique experience if you’re brave enough to try it. If you’re not quite ready for that, snacks are cheap, and sugary treats are also popular. While several places do açai juice, Tacacá do Norte arguably does it best, so it’s definitely worth heading here if you find yourself enjoying it.