Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is one of the worlds most iconic and renowned buildings, and it sits on a peninsula, jutting out of the Sydney Botanical Gardens. The impressive building, designed to look like a boat with sails billowing in the wind, overlooks Sydney’s second biggest attraction, Sydney Harbour Bridge and a visit to the Opera House provides an excellent opportunity to photograph two of the areas most prominent and best landmarks.

Opera House History

The need for a new music venue came just after the war when spirits were low, and morale was down, as such in 1954 the local government undertook the project to build a fabulous venue, right on the docks. A competition was set up so architects from around the world could submit their design for the new building, Danish architect Jorn Utzon won the bid and in 1959 the Sydney Opera House was complete.

What to Do

The opera house puts on a number of plays, performances, ballets and musicals throughout the year and there’s bound to be something on when you’re in town. Alternatively, guided tours around the building are available, and here you’ll enjoy access to backstage areas, explore the 300 corridors and visit the performance stage. After, make sure you head to the Opera House Bar located just next door to the venue, for cocktails in the sun!