Suvenir Boat Restaurant, the Sava River

This charming boat restaurant is a nice place to enjoy specialties of Serbian cuisine in a pleasant ambiance.

As you stroll along the Sava riverside in the Block 44, you are sure to notice endlessly elegant and charming Suvenir (Souvenir) boat restaurant. Suvenir is a national cuisine restaurant with dining and drinking sections, cozy ambiance in a maritime manner and pleasant relaxing music. There are no smoking and non-smoking areas, but if you are a non-smoker (like me) be at peace; ventilation works quite well. The restaurant also disposes of a “deck garden”, which is open when weather permits.

Prices are very reasonable, and dinner for two can easily be fitted into a 20 to 30 EUR budget. Prices for popular drinks (coffee, hot chocolate, Coca Cola, etc.) range between 1 and 2 EUR.

You can follow sport events on a large screen and read a magazine offered at the entrance while you wait for somebody. Service is very attentive and you’ll be served really fast once your order has been made.

Photos from Suvenir Boat Restaurant, the Sava River