Hong Kong

Sushi One

Sushi One is a Hong Kong restaurant that offers authentic Japanese sushi, drinks, and snacks. With delicious meals, modern interiors, and welcoming ambience, local and foreign diners will surely love returning here.

Located in Leighton Hill, Hong Kong, Sushi One is a Japanese restaurant that has received the Quality Tourism Services Certificate by the Hong  Kong Tourism board and won Weekend Weekly magazine’s “Best Ever Dining” Award thanks to their superb service and quality dishes.

Japanese sushi restaurant with classy and welcoming vibe

The modern interior design and traditional Japanese wares give an air of classiness and culture to the sushi joint. However, its overall mood is welcoming thanks to the quality service of the staff and the invigorating smell of cooked seafood, meat, and veggies. The large fish tanks also offer a pleasant view to the diners.

Enjoy affordable Midnight Sushi

Sushi One is the first restaurant in Japanese sushi restaurant in Hong Kong that offers a midnight sale wherein their meals drop to half the price from 6 pm onwards. However, expect that waiting lines will be longer than usual during these hours.