Sulamani Pahto

Sulamani Pahto is an impressive and elegant temple located in the Minnanthu region of Bagan, Myanmar. As one of the most frequently visited in the town the temple has undergone extensive reparations but still maintains its original charm, grandeur and religious appeal.

Style and Design

This two-story temple is built in a late period style and features a stack of terraces that offer a pyramid effect. While the lower floor boasts three terraces, the upper level holds four terraces, each with small spires on their corners. At the very top, you’ll find a gold sikhara that features a spiked ornament which is an unusual addition to ancient temples.

Temple History

Sulamani Temple was one of the many temples constructed by King Narapatisithu in 1181, in a design similar to that of Thatbyinnyu Temple. The king decided to name the temple ‘small ruby’ after the ruby he found at the entrance to the temple during the construction period. Sulamani, unfortunately, suffered extensive damage in 1975 due to an earthquake that rocked the entire town and eventually had to be rebuilt in 1994.

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