Stroud Shambles Market

A popular weekend market place that sells food, handicrafts, clothes, crystals, cards and collectibles.

Historic Market

Situated in the oldest area of Stroud, the Shambles Market stands on a site that has seen a market of some sort or the other for centuries. The market is divided into two areas: indoor and outdoor.

This lively market continues to be a busy hub on Fridays and Saturdays when a range of stalls set up to sell a range of goods. You might see different stalls each week as some vendors come once every fortnight or every month.

Various Items for Sale

The stalls in Stroud Shambles Market range from arts and crafts, clothes and sewing materials, tapes and videos, jewellery and aromatherapy creams to organic food stuff, garden appliances and second-hand books. You can pick up cheese, cards, art, olive oil, crystals, candles, honey, accessories, jewellery and woollens.

There are a couple of food outlets too like the Mills Café and the Jamaica Inn Kitchen where you can grab a bite.

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