Quartier Latin

The Latin Quarter can simply be described as a picturesque destination where old world charm converges with the joie de vivre of youth.

Charming boulevards and winding medieval streets

The Latin Quarter is situated on the quaint left bank of the Seine. The intriguing name, however, dates back to the Middle Ages when Latin was the medium of instruction in the many educational institutions that were founded here including the prestigious La Sorbonne.

Naturally, the charming boulevards and the winding medieval streets are dotted with favored student haunts like warmly lit cafes, eclectic patisseries, second-hand bookshops, quirky boutiques and ethnic restaurants.

Historic and cultural attractions

There are also places like the Saint-Michel fountain, Place de la Sorbonne and the Pantheon where one can soak in the inimitable sights and sounds of the Latin Quarter. The culturally inclined can stroll into the historic Church of Saint-Severin, the Saint-Julien-de-Pauvre or the Middle Age Museum.

The Latin Quarter has captivated visitors for centuries and continues to draw people from all over the world. It’s quite likely, you’ll fall under the spell too. 🙂