Street Art in San Miguel

One of the most noticeable things in San Miguel de Allende is the colorful artwork on the homes and business offices. This art project presents the work of artists from all around Mexico and from other countries like Argentina, Chile, and Germany.

Aim of the Project

Channeling the energy of young and talented people is the main aim of this project. The whole community takes pride in it and the neighborhood is crowded with tourists walking down the streets and taking photos of the street art. The best thing about this place is that the artwork is still fresh and the locals are always happy to share stories about each and every mural.

The Muros en Blanco (Blank Walls)

The name of this art project is”The Muros en Blanco” and artists who have participated in the program decided to promote this new art district and help with the development of tourism in San Miguel de Allende. There was even a street party festival that celebrated the opening of the district.

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