Strategic Business Unit

Hipster menswear and womens clothing stock the shelves along with designer gifts at Strategic Business Unit.

Break the mold

Italian design often tends toward classic lines, but the Eternal City isn’t devoid of hipster hideaways. Strategic Business Unit stocks a wide range of menswear and womenswear unlike anything you’ll find in traditional boutiques. Distressed denim and Japanese white denim are particularly well stocked.

Forward thinking

The layout of the 200 square meter shop looks more like an art gallery than a clothing boutique. Even the store’s founding moved against the grain. When brothers Patrizio and Cristiano Perfetti opened SBU in 1993, its surrounding neighborhood was all but derelict. Today, it sits at the foot of the bustling shopping street Via Governo Vecchia.

Designer gifts

In addition to clothing, SBU stocks many gift-worthy items. Designer soaps and shampoos, candles, makeup, lamps, housewares, and kitchenwares all have a place on the shelves. There is also a selection of accessories and jewelry.

Stay at home!

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