Strahov Monastery

Strahov Monastery was founded by Prince Vladislav II in 1440 and is located just a short walk from Prague Castle. This complex includes Theological Hall, Basilica of Our Lady, Classical Philosophy Hall, and Strahov Gallery.


Strahov Monastery was established for followers of St. Augustine, also known as Premonstratensians. In the 13th century, the monastery was destroyed in a fire, but soon it was restored in Gothic style.  After the Thirty Years War, the monastery was also rebuilt, but this time in Baroque style. An interesting fact about Strahov Monastery is that beer was brewed in the Strahov Brewery until early 20th century.

Points of Interest

The beautiful Basilica of Our Lady is decorated with frescoes, marble altar, sculptures, and the organ where Mozart once performed in the 18th century. There is also the Theological Hall that was built in 1679 and houses around 18,000 volumes. Taken from the estate of Karel Jan Erben, Cabinet of Curiosities has archaeological collections that include ceramics and weapons.

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