Once you visit the concept store called Story, you will have a story to tell! This is a retail experience like you have never had in your life.

Story is an innovative store. About every six to eight weeks, Story focuses on a theme.  The items for sale relate to that theme, trend, or issue (which could be health, love, etc.) and so does the décor within.  When Rachel Shechtman created Story, she designed it to look and run a bit like an art gallery with the viewpoint of a magazine.  Shechtman is a longtime retail consultant who has worked with clients such as Kraft Foods, GAP, and AOL to name a few.  In 2014, the Fashion Group International awarded Story with its Rising Star Award for Best Retail Concept.

Depending on the current focus of Story, you may be able to find items such as home décor, fitness gear, stationary, coffee table books, innovative gadgets, apparel, costume jewelry and creative knickknacks. Customers can stop by Story Tuesdays through Sundays to see what has changed within its walls. The store primarily attracts female shoppers, but men are welcome and will surely find gifts there for themselves or the women in their lives.

In addition to shopping, Story promotes dialogue about the store’s current theme in a variety of ways. For example, Story’s website keeps a blog that is frequently updated.  The blog ties directly to the theme being highlighted by Story.  Customers will also find a list of interactive store events on the website.  Expect a variety of offerings here.  It isn’t out of line for Story to change its sales floor into a spot for exercise when the theme allows, as this had been done in the past to promote health and well-being.

Stay at home!

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