San Francisco, USA

State Bird Provisions

People have been raving about State Bird Provisions since the moment it open. Husband and wife team Elizabeth Depalmer and Chef Stuart Brioza bring a fresh concept to small plates and fine dining.

The story goes that Chef Brioza based the concept State Bird Provisions around a single quail recipe. The dish inspired him so much that he creates menus with a similar approach.

Those Small Plates

Imagine dim sum service without the dim sum. State Bird Provisions uses the at-your-table cart service style long enjoyed by dumpling connoisseurs and switches it up with his own menu of small plates. The menu changes constantly, so expect the unexpected, and, yes, many will have an Asian flare.

Toast and Pancakes?

A short list of dishes feature unique spins on toast and pancakes, of all things. Ricotta? Prosciutto? Meyer lemons? All that and more find a place in various dishes.

The full menu is no less surprising, and several items offer half-plates–including the signature dish, CA State Bird with Provisions–from a buttermilk marinade, pepita breadcrumbs, then fried.