Hong Kong

Star Ferry

Star Ferry is one of Hong Kong’s most recognized and favored icons. This quaint green-and-white ferry service connects Hong Kong to Kowloon and is ranked by National Geographic as one of the Top Ten City Boat Trips in their book, Journeys of a Lifetime.

Transporting people for over a century

Star Ferry was founded in 1888 to transport passengers and goods between Hong Kong and Kowloon. The service currently operates on two routes:

  • Central to Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Wan Chai to Tsim Sha Tsui

The ferry service is extremely popular. In 2015, 55,000 passengers were transported each day on the Central-Tsim Sha Tsui route!

Popular mode of travel

Over a century later, despite the arrival of modern bridges and tunnels that connect Hong Kong to Kowloon, passengers and visitors choose to board a Star Ferry to enjoy unmatched views of Hong Kong’s skyline as well as the famed Victoria Harbor. Naturally, we recommend boarding a ferry at dusk for a magical evening. Better still, if you can time your trip to 08:00 pm, you get front-row seats to the spectacular Symphony of Lights show.