Stand Up Paddle-Boarding With Surf House, Dubai

Rapidly becoming an incredibly popular activity in Dubai, Stand Up Paddle-boarding (SUP) is gaining traction amongst water sport-lovers across the city.

The sport involves standing at full height on the paddle-board, whilst navigating over still waters. Offering a fun, full body workout, Surf House offers visitors the chance to SUP at the stunning Sunset Beach, off the Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai.

SUP Equipment

Harbouring a wide range of SUP equipment for visitors to hire, from beginners’ equipment to the more advanced variety, Surf House ensures that visitors have everything they need to successfully withstand water conditions of the Persian Gulf coastline.

The Surf House Touch

Beginners can rest assured that the Surf House team are there to provide the necessary information, equipment and environment for visitors to safely and easily learn to SUP. Furthermore, as though treading water, visitors are able to take in the spectacular sights of the Jumeirah horizon, whilst also enjoying the view of the swimming sea creatures below their paddle-board.

With a lovely café on site, guests can also simply grab a coffee, relax by the shore and top-up on their tan!